The Swamp Fights Back - Don't Let it Win! 

President Trump promised to “drain the swamp” of Washington DC and return the government to We the People. Now we are seeing all the snakes, rats, alligators, and slimy creatures that live under rocks in the swamp coming out to fight against him and his anti-Washington agenda and trying to discourage conservatives and cause us to lose hope. The dishonest media is doing it's best to help the swamp of DC corruption and undo the election and thwart your vote.

In the face of that drumbeat of negativity let’s consider all the good news that the dishonest media is hiding and disparaging.

1.Trump appointed the most anti-Washington outsider cabinet ever named with people who have fought against and called for the elimination of the very agencies they now head.
2.Trump kept his promise with a conservative Supreme Court pick to prevent a more radical court.
3.Trump took steps to protect us from the radical Islamic terrorists slipping into our country, in the face of judicial obstruction from radical west coast courts and professional protesters.
4. Stocks are at record highs, up almost 20% since the election.
5. We have increasing consumer confidence and spending.
6. 50%+ of people approve of Trump’s job performance consistently in Rasmussen’s daily poll.
7. There is a 15% point increase of Americans saying the country is heading in the right direction since the election according to Rasmussen polling .
8. Gallup polling has 62% saying President Trump "keeps his promises" and 59% saying President Trump "is a strong and decisive leader."
9. Thousands of jobs and billions of dollars coming back to America, with more coming each week -
10. The Trump effect is reaching overseas encouraging others to defend their nations against similar threats  

The real America, between the liberal coasts, is supporting Trump’s agenda to roll back over-regulation, over-taxation, ObamaCare, and the worst of the anti-American progressivism, while putting America first.

But these swamp creatures, the un-elected bureaucrats, are intent on reversing the election and voiding your vote by fighting and leaking secrets from within.

They are supported by the dishonest media creating fake news to slow Trump

But don’t lose hope, with the good news so far, you can be sure that the same Trump who managed to beat all the GOP candidates, including ones we may have initially supported, and who beat the unbeatable Clinton machine, supported by a lying and biased press, is the one person with the determination and guts to fight through this swamp and crush all these swamp creatures.

In the face of all this dishonest media hiding the good news, here are some things you can do:

1.Go to congressional town hall meetings to support Republican members of Congress. Be prepared for what could be an unpleasant time, because the liberals are organizing to create a false narrative of public outrage.
2.Send an encouraging message to the White House at
3.Call members of Congress and tell them to support the conservative agenda.
• Rodney Frelinghuysen - 202.225.5034
• Leonard Lance - 202.225.5361
• Chris Smith - 202.225.3765
• Frank LoBiondo - 202.225.6572
• Jon Runyan - 202.225.476
4.Share these positive news reports with friends and family to counter left-wing media bias.
5.Pick one or two conservative groups and support them financially, particularly ones dedicated to helping solid conservatives replace the 10 left wing Democratic senators up for re-election in 2018 states Trump won in 2016.
6.Get involved locally with the Morris County freeholders to fight progressivism in our own back yard. For more information visit

The fight for our country did not end on November 8th and the only way to prevail is to stay engaged. Keep it up, don’t let them steal victory from us.


As a reminder, we will send out meeting details in advance of any meeting, if there is a meeting. . When there is a meeting, the Morris County Tea Party's normal meeting date is the fourth Tuesday of the month at the Morris County Library at 7 pm at 30 East Hanover Road in Whippany.

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